The original Red Dot sight.

Aimpoint is the recognized worldwide leader and originator of the red dot sighting technology. After more than forty years of working closely with military weapon systems experts, experienced hunters and marksmen around the world, Aimpoint® red dot sights remain the No. 1 choice for combined speed and accuracy.

We are proud to be one of AIMPOINT many Sole Distributor!

Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators

PROSWE designs and manufactures including small to medium PSA systems packaged oxygen/Nitrogen (PSA) Systems with an oxygen purity of 99,5 % and 99,9 % for nitrogen.

Our PSA technology system with brand “DFAIR” is a containerized oxygen & nitrogen generators solution. 


We are responsible for bringing innovative and energy efficient products and services related to air technology solution, air dryer, water separate to get the purest oxygen and the purest nitrogen.  It is our mission to grow our business in a sustainable way by offering solutions that increase the quality of life for people and that add value for industries around the world.

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